A New Old Thing

Well in a way at least...

Hey Y’all,

If you are receiving this email it means that you subscribed to my mailing list (Lessons From Dead Guys / Exile Liturgy / Signposts) at some point or another over the last 6 years (Yes… it has been that long) and managed to survive a series of major purges from the onset of 2020 in anticipation of this very email!

I have done a rather piss-poor job at keeping things consistent between major life transitions (some good and some VERY bad), struggles with mental health, and a seemingly unending workload. I have had to let so many of my creatives endeavors fall to the wayside (some by choice and others by necessity.)

At some point a couple of months ago I realized that I had developed an aversion for recording episodes of my podcast. It was a strange revelation but it made me see that I had just gotten so far away from the heart of why I even started my podcast and other projects.

In the beginning I was trying to carve out space for myself and others to connect as we wrestled with our beliefs and doubts as we journeyed through the wildness that is a life of faith.

I quickly learned that doing podcasts, having a website, and spending hours working on this stuff cost money and time. I started a Patreon, I did some Kickstarter campaigns, I stressed about having enough money to take care of my family and still have time to give to these projects. I (and most of us) don't know what it's like to live in a world where we can have the freedom to simply create with no regard for the cost or economic anxiety.

I have been blessed to have people in my life that have consistently supported this project with prayers and financial giving but I realized that the more I tried to secure funding and the time necessary to keep the projects above water the more stressed I became. I thought if I could get $X of support then I could dedicated real time and energy to these projects and in the process bring to fruition so many things I longed to see come into the world. But… despite how much I loved creating content, having conversations, and connecting with others it somehow all became a thorn in my flesh.

Which all made me feel deeply contradicted.

Somewhere along the way I lost the plot. And I just want to get back to the heart of things. I just want to write and create content that shares my life with others in a way that I hope can be of value to them.

Free of all the marketing.
Free of all the promotional stuff.
Free of all the content schedules and strategic engagement.

And… so here we are... as I am taking steps to figure out what is next.

So far I have dwindled my list of hundreds of email subscribers down to 75 and deleted my mailchimp account (Not that you need permission but if you feel like you need to unsubscribe then please feel free to do so) and am in the process of deleting my patreon account functionally ending the support I receive from various folks on that platform. I am sure there will be other steps to take but for now these are the two that have been the most evident to me.

All of my projects initially started off with a small email list on a platform called tinyletter so I thought beginning again with a small (but slightly bigger than the original) email list nearly seven years later would be a good place to start.

Going forward I thought it would be good to make a few of promises to you (and to myself) so we can all know what to expect:

  1. I promise that nothing will be regular or consistent. (emails or podcasts episodes)

  2. I promise that any content I do put out will be free of marketing and promotions.

  3. I promise that whatever does come will simply be me sharing my musings, longings, and wanderings as I find the time and energy.

That’s it.

I have no idea how it this will all go but I hope you will stick around to find out.

Happy Wanderings.